Tuesday, October 25, 2022

 Monday was tour day in Glastonbury, hosted by the gifted musician and lover of local legend and earth knowledge, Michael. Two other completely delightful women were in our small group. Both from Miami, and one was big into the Earth. I’m hoping I tempted them to come to Santa Fe some day. In the morning we climbed up Wearyall Hill, where Joseph of Arimathea planted the first thorn tree. Also fantastic 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside and the Tor. It was wildly expansive up there. The Tor was once an island, surrounded by wetlands, which I found fascinating. You could only get there by boat. Then back into town, with stops at another ancient chapel and the local goddess temple. Then back to the abbey, with much discussion of ley lines and earth energy lines and the patterns they form throughout Glastonbury. I am sorry to report that I did not retain much of that. Then ducked into lunch just before the rain started. By the time we finished, the rain had stopped and the sun came out. So, essentially I enjoyed a rain-free day. Then off to the profoundly beautiful and peaceful Chalice Well and gardens. Drank the red water and then just enjoyed being still. Finally, another steep hike back up to the Tor to see the sunset from there. A perfect way to close the journey. The light, both subtle and visible, was amazing. What a special place! I am still kind of integrating all that I absorbed. Back to London today. A walk along my beloved Thames. Tomorrow—back to Kew Gardens. Yaaayyy!~

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