Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As the forces of technology and consciousness continue to turn us into citizens of a global village, it becomes clearer, day-by-day, that our paths to happiness are heavily intertwined. We therefore need to live generously. When we look around, we see that the natural world already operates this way. Almost everything in nature is based on a continuous flow of giving that asks for nothing in return, not even a thank you—though we are free at all times to express our gratitude. The sun never ceases to share its light and warmth, nor the moon its magic. The trees offer their cool shade, rich beauty and delicious fruit. Year after year, the land yields food, medicine and minerals; water slakes our thirst; and a host of animals, fish, birds and plants give their lives to feed and clothe us. In the world community that is currently coming together, we can take a lesson from our fellow inhabitants of heaven and earth and imitate the munificence that sustains the creation. As we gain clarity about our gifts and our purpose, why not align with the universe’s natural impulse to share generously? Truly, we are all in life together and your fulfillment and mine are one. We are all designed not only to experience fullness within ourselves, but also to be a conduit for it in whatever unique ways our souls are inspired to do. A new society, a compassion-based societ,y is being structured right under our noses whether we can see it or not. It may well be something bigger and grander than any of us foresee, simply because it is being designed by the infinite imagination of God. As we each become aware of our gifts and feel empowered to realize them, we can whole-heartedly share who we are with the web of life. In so doing, we opt for the privilege of creative participation in this divine plan. However, we have no guarantees of any specific outcomes from our efforts, because the divine plan unfolds with its own perfect timing and purposefulness. We hit the ball with all our strength and commitment and everything we know about batting, but where it lands and how far it goes is never totally predictable. We can therefore learn to act and give without expectation. We can learn to follow our guidance just because something is clearly ours to do, but without trying to impose a particular outcome or ideology on any situation, individual, society or environment. Even our love cannot be imposed on others if they do not want it. From the smallest life form, to the entire globe, to the far reaches of the universe, everything is divinely orchestrated, and everything is expanding towards ultimate unity with its Source, with God, in its own, divinely led way. Everything has its own inner compass. Sometimes we may see the big picture, or parts of it, and sometimes not. We can choose to be the richest possible expressions of our own souls and support others to do the same, in the ways that are genuinely inspired. The big picture is a divinely produced drama in which we can joyfully play our roles and honor all the other individuals who contribute their special gifts and play their singular parts in this magnificent world. Having said this, I believe that it is incumbent on those who live beyond the survival and security mode to envision the future of our global community. Those who are on a path of growth and fulfillment need to take the lead, with great love, compassion, respect and sensitivity, in guiding our global village into the future. The future truly beckons those who feel moved to be leaders, whether in the tangible or subtle realms of life. They are the channels through which new knowledge and perspectives can flow, new solutions can be uncovered, new shared structures can be created and new modes of operating in the world can be enlivened. Cynthia Lane/2006
My children, my children. You are and shall be as I created you, the offspring of my everlasting joy. My loving light is and shall be with you, and you shall dwell and dance in its brilliance. Join your hearts and hands together; embrace each other and your precious Mother Earth. Move as one being into the vast fulfillment that awaits you. Let all the rivers of life cascade into the universal ocean of my Grace. Cynthia Lane/2006
My children, know that every life path that you will ever find leads you home to your true Self in Me. I am present at the start, in each step, curve, rise and fall, and at the end of every path. Now, I will lovingly share a secret with you: There is no journey. The path to Me is just a dream, because I am already present in every impulse of creation, in every heart and mind. I am forever both the path and the destination. You can never lose Me. You can never exist outside Me. Infinite love and joy are your inescapable fate. ―Cynthia Lane
Deep into middle age, a friend of mine fulfilled a long-held desire to have a big garden. Having grown up in a so-so neighborhood in New York City, the idea of having a garden and growing her own food had always had a special kind of aura around it. Fortunately, she now had a sunny back yard that covered a double lot, more than enough space for a large variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables, the works! She took all the necessary steps to prepare the soil, including digging up and tilling a large swath of lawn, building and sculpting beds and hauling in many pounds of organic compost from a nearby farm. Finally she got to plant the seeds and pat them into the ground, according to the instructions on each packet. She reported that she particularly loved this part of the process, in part because it did not involve the same, semi-backbreaking labor as the previous steps, and in part because the act of planting felt deeply sacred and maternal. But the best was yet to come. When, one by one, tiny green sprouts of everything my friend had planted emerged from the earth, she was filled with a child-like sense of amazement. Each tender shoot seemed like a miracle. Yes, she had worked hard to prepare the ground for this new life, but once she had done what she could, it looked to her like the rest was in nature’s hands, in God’s hands. Whether or not the seeds sprouted, whether or not they thrived and blossomed, all this was in God’s court. That’s why each plant, from seed to flower to fruit, not only nourished her body and senses, but also heightened her awareness of the immanence of the divine, and provided her with a vivid display of divine intervention, of the role and presence of grace in the details of life. She often wondered if farmers woke up every morning with a heightened sense of grace.
My children, my light and my love flow through every impulse of your mind, every beat of your heart and every cell in your body. They flow through every river and stream of your devoted Mother Earth. They fill her oceans and mountains. They are the breath of life and the light of the stars. You are designed for so much joy. The gifts of joy and healing are truly everywhere in and around you. Reach out for the grace that is and always has been yours. ―Cynthia Lane/2006
My children, as you journey on the sea of life, use the divine compass that lives within you; then the ocean of life will be the ocean of your sweetest dreams. Just as the stars and constellations have always guided sailors across the sea and home again, the light of a divine compass shines in your mind, your heart, your senses, your cells. With both trust and alertness, look for its signs; hear its voice; feel its urgings. It will guide you lovingly to the destiny you have chosen and to your ultimate destiny, the journey home to divine joy. ―Cynthia Lane/2006