Sunday, October 9, 2022

 This is definitely becoming a pilgrimage to trees, gardens and water—the Thames in particular. Blessed with perfect autumn weather, I cannot even consider doing anything indoors—no museums, not even Westminster Abbey. I am soooo loving wandering among the trees, found most everywhere. Yesterday, I went to Hampstead Heath. Acres and acres of trails and thick forest. Huge, ancient trees. Sometimes a grouping that calls me to sit among them. So beautiful and nourishing and magical. Hampstead has no trail markers whatsoever, so getting lost was inevitable. This opened the door to conversations with at least a dozen people, about three-quarters of whom were also lost. So many good-natured, funny and helpful people. The fabulous British sense of humour is always waiting for a chance to show itself!                               Then today, a long walk along the Thames—what a great river—to a place called Chiswick Park. Again, acres of woods, with the occasional sculpture appearing out of nowhere. A huge conservatory and large and complex kitchen gardens that were first planted in 1742. Imagine if you had started your garden 300 years ago. These days it is care for and enjoyed by the local community. Saw gorgeous flowers and very happy looking vegetables. Then a delicious walk home along the Thames.

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  1. It all sounds so rich and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us :)