Friday, October 14, 2022

 I can’t believe it, but today was my last day in London (except for one day at the very end). It feels like it should go on forever. I am so grateful for my green and graceful neighborhood and the easy proximity to the Thames, where I have continued to walk almost daily. With time passing so quickly, it’s time to write again, or I will surely forget everything I have done. Wednesday, guess where I went again! Kew Gardens of course. I can’t quite seem to get enough of the place. It really was a perfect and perfectly beautiful day. I discovered more paths through their varied woodlands, more truly magical trees and groves of trees, and spent time in at last some of them, to soak in their specialness. Came home feeling totally fulfilled. Next day, I finally went back in to central London to meet another dear friend, Frances Knight. I will include her photo for those of you who know her. What a divinely sweet and beautiful being. We started at the Royal Academy (of art), visited a gallery and wandered through Green Park. Green Park holds Buckingham Palace, but you know me. I was more deeply impressed by an effulgence of huge and happy trees. A cool and rainy day today, I headed out to the National Gallery and remembered that I really do enjoy looking at art. Constable is my favorite for English landscapes and Turner my favorite for skies and the sea, especially stormy skies and seas. And then an array of Impressionists, whom I always love. Spent a bit of time at the love-filled church called St. Martin in the Fields, famous for its concerts. And finished the day by having tea with another wonderful friend Eleanor. This morning as I walked to the tube station, I could feel that a lot of transformation has taken place, tho I don’t have words for it yet. Stay tuned. Off to Cambridge tomorrow.

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