Monday, October 17, 2022

 Saturday’s train ride through the countryside to Cambridge was gorgeous, as the leaves were turning under the autumn sun. My first afternoon in Cambridge was very disappointing, as I seemed to have wandered through the main part of town on a shopping day. It was more crowded and intense than London, not at all what I had expected. The day was redeemed by the evensong service at Kings College Chapel. The many stained glass windows were exquisite, but the stone ceiling, designed by Wren, felt so light, it seemed it could lift off and fly away. The Kings College choir is world famous and they lived up to their reputation with gorgeous harmonies, amplified by the church acoustics. Totally inspiring. On Sunday, with the continued good weather, I wandered through a more inspiring version of Cambridge—more like the one I had hoped for. I headed for the River Cam, walking happily along its peacefulness. Nearly all of the Cambridge colleges back onto the river. Eventually I took one of the punt boat rides, which was heavenly. The boat person (punter?) shared a zillion stories, both historical and fun, as we sailed along beneath the many bridges (each had a tale to tell) and along the richly green shores. Walked awhile more—it’s very hard for me to stop walking and exploring! Today, the day started with a 90 minute tour of some of Cambridge’s colleges (the exterior), which gave me a great orientation to the meandering narrow streets that house so many of the colleges. I did get to wander through Pembroke College, which had beautiful gardens and just the ivory tower atmosphere I had imagined. The academic work here is extremely demanding, but the colleges do provide a sublime environment for their students. One more day here, then a mad dash back to and across London, to catch a train to the Cotswolds, where I will visit an

old friend. The day will end in Bath.  And now some photos. 

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