Thursday, October 6, 2022

 My first day in the UK/London was preceded by maybe 45 minutes of sleep. Nevertheless, despite major brain fog, I wandered around the South Kensington area, sampling the tube (I actually like the tube) and generally letting my body and mind know that we are now in London! And enjoying walking in the rain, really and truly. The UK may get a lot of rain, but that enables a massively green landscape, fabulous gardens and the best cloud scenarios I have ever seen. No wonder Turner was obsessed by clouds! Best part of the semi-sleepy day was a walk along the Thames as the sky changed. My Airbnb is just 5 minutes from a river walk and I decided to end each day along the river. I love the Thames and I am soooo happy to be here. Wanted to add images, but the system is not working. May have to do that at a later time. 

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