Tuesday, October 25, 2022

 On Sunday, I wandered around the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. Housed in lush parkland, with the now usual array of ancient and huge trees (I never tire of them). The earliest version of the church was built on the site where Joseph of Arimathea built the first church (wattle and daub) in the UK. Many local legends around all this—including— visits by both the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, and Jesus’ burial  somewhere in the abbey grounds  It burned down twice—once by accident and once courtesy of  Henry VIII, who was busy destroying all the abbeys and acquiring their wealth.

The site now holds a Lady Chapel, where I had a love-saturated meditation. Then wandered through the remains of the rest of the abbey. Tho little is left, each remaining wall and structure has a grace and sculptural beauty against the sky. The church claims that Arthur and Guinevere are also buried here. And then, guess what? It rained! Hiked back up the hill to my truly lovely airbnb. 

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