Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today, I am going to complain! Not only did we have tons of rain, but a cold, cold, strong wind. Enough! Tomorrow, there is a promise of no rain and at least some sunshine. Hooray!
When I saw the weather this morning, I took my time getting out and about. This is a vacation after all and slow mornings are allowed!
First stop was the music museum. A Wonderful place that traces the history of music, has many ancient instruments on display and one can listen to recordings of the instruments on earphones as one walks around. So I semi-danced my way through the various exhibits for a couple of hours. There was also a live concert on several of the instruments. Very lovely. Each ancient keyboard instrument was truly a work of art, covered with paintings, murals or fine geometrice patters reminiscent of flowers and vines. The ancient lutes, mandolins, and guitars had soundboars carved with the precise geomteric patterns one finds in the cathedral windows. People took such care in what they made.
Then out into the cold rain. I tried to go to the Eiffel Tower, but the top was closed and one of the elevators was broken and they were advertising a 2 hour wait. So I just wandered. Despite the gusty wind, Paris is such a walking city that I find it hard to stop walking once I start. I wandered and meandered through a gorgeous neighborhood (home to the "1%", no doubt). The building facades were so lovely and fronted by thick green shrubbery and tall, ancient trees. Large windows, wrought iron balconies. . overlooking parks. I cannot walk far without running into another miracle of a park. I walked through the Invalides (where Napoleon is buried) and ended up by the Seine and felt as always that this is home base. How I love to watch the sky and water and the changing light reflected in the water.
Tomorrow will be a multiple park day.
I am going to download my photos and hope to figure out how to include them here. 

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