Thursday, April 19, 2012

The sun came out today. Hooray! What a difference that makes (as well as being fully in this time zone and 2 delicious cups of French coffee!) Marjolaine and I headed right to the Luxembourg Gardens. How deeply peaceful this place is tho right in the middle of the city. Huge ancient chestnut trees (in blossom) everywhere, pools and sculpture and brilliant groupings of flowers. Parisians hanging out in the sun. Everyone must be celebrating. Then went to St. Sulpice. Seem to be averaging one church per day, as the churches are so much a part of Parisian spirit and history. It's a deeply light-filled, feminine version of Catholicism as I experience it, very gentle. Then walking along the river sparkling in the sun and to my first museum: D'Orsay, which houses the impressionists, my favorites. It is really wonderful to see originals of paintings that I have only known as prints for all these years. Their light and richness really jump forward. Especially the Van Goghs.
My French is rehabilitating very quickly and I am starting to think in French. When I forget a word, I ask my buddy Marjolaine. Tomorrow. . .Chartres!    

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