Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello! Today was a museum day. We went to the Louvre, did our duty and saw the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, lots of Egyptian "stuff:" sarcophagi, painted inside and out with detailed journey stories, grave reliquaries, sphinxes, sculptures of gods and pharoahs and queens. A bit overwhelming. Marjolaine and I both have an outside limit for museums of about 2.5-3 hours and then we stop seeing. got really lost trying to find our way out. I was as much impressed by the fabulous building as its contents. Evey wall and ceiling and doorway covered with intricate sculptures, enormous paintings, carvings, etc. The French royalty (probably all royalty) had wildly sumptuous lives. It's hard to imagine the amount of artistry and constuction work that made these places possible.
Then walking in the wonderful air, though quite cold and rainy. Another wonderful meal at a restaurant on a cobblestone street. I love the decor in these places. Each so unique and charming and warm. Small wooden tables, red table cloths, golden walls with artsy posters. Full of French people chatting up a storm. Went to St. Chapelle. . .a miraculous universe of colored glass and every inch that was not a window was painted most beautifully and delicately, vaulted ceilings painted blue with gold stars. It was like a journey into the Book of Hours.
Highlight of the day, the night time boat ride on the Seine. All the great structures lit up and colored lights reflecting on the water. The Eiffel Tower goes off like a Christmas tree with twinkling lights at 10 PM. All exquisite and magical. I am truly in love with the Seine and almost have tohave time there every day, but this night time boat journey was the best.       

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