Monday, April 23, 2012

Hooray! I am so happy to keep hearing from you, dear friends and my dear sister, and know that reading this is fun for you!
Today, a serious rain day and it remains really cold!!! But, desert dweller that I am, I love the rain. Paris is really quite beautiful in the rain and the rain keeps noone inside. The streets are forever full of people talking and laughing, drinking at the cafes. After work, the city explodes. Everyone is ready to play. I love it. Travelling by the metro always. It feels easy and familiar having grown up in the NY subways. It is a super efficient system and I love people watching just as I did growing up. The young Parisians, especially the men, must have made some kind of generational DNA adaptation becos they are all incredibly tall, averaging it looks like 6-3 or 6-4 and much taller than the older people.
Today we went to the Pompidou and saw some Chagall and Matisse and others, two of my favorities. Once again, I liked the building as much as the art. Then we wandered around Les Halles, and ended up at a store specializing in buttons and ribbons. Marjolaine makes wonderful felted clothing, really beautiful, and she wanted to stock up. I enjoyed it all as well, especially the gorgeous, intensely colored ribbons.  Each neighborhood has a unique feel to it, charming in a different way, even different kinds of cobblestone pavements. Many narrow streets with tiny shops and apartment building with beautiful grillwork and hidden gardens. Then we walked some more and did our laundry, a 2-hour process. Something ran and turned many things grey, alas. Met a neighbor, photographer and chatted quite a bit.
Tomorrow, Giverny, one of the places to which I have looked forward the most.  Love to all.. .    

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