Thursday, April 26, 2012

I continue to love hearing from you and knowing that you are on this journey with me! I thought I just uploaded some photos, but they disappeared. I will try again tomorrow night.
The Paris Metro system is a world unto itself, a maze of tunnels, twisting passage ways and ups and downs. Changing from one train line to another can be quite an adventure and requires full alertness. One goes up and down a large number of stairs regularly. Today was the record for me: 8 long flights to get from the train to the surface. But worth the climb. Visited Parc au Butte Chaumont, another Parisian paradise. The gardeners are my heroes and heroines. Major climbs, awe inspiring view over the city, endless huge trees in full leaf, a waterfall and pond and bridges. A wonderful world. Then off to Jardin des Plantes near the zoo. The highlight here was the Alpine Garden, a relatively small area, intensely landscaped with nooks and crannies and streams and intensely varied groupings of plants. Clearly I am in flower heaven in Paris. I was going to try another park, but sensed that it was going to rain (it did) so I returned to the D'Orsay, the Impressionist museum that I had wanted to revisit. This time, really hanging out with the paintings, soaking in the color and form and lush gorgeousness.
Then another walk that started of to be a short one but got longer and longer. It's great fun to wander through neighborhoods. I love the architecture on the quiet streets and the cafe life on the busy ones.

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