Friday, April 20, 2012

Big thanks to you my buddies, who have let me know that you are reading this. It encourages me to continue! Today was a special day in the realm of overtly spiritual experiences. If you have been to Chartres, this will not surprise you. When I first walked in, it was just another beautiful cathedral with spectacular architecture and stained glass. Then we went into the crypt and there, I could begin to feel the special power of the place. The first structure was built in about 400 AD on a site long sacred to the Druids. There is a super deep well (round with a square bottom that matches up with the carcinal directions) that draws from a source in a cave where they worshipped. An underground crypt feels much like a cave and going into caves, into the earth has clearly been important to cultures worldwide. I really wished I could meditate there becos the crypt walls were oozing stories and sacred events to which I would have liked to tune in.
Then, a yummy (really yummy) crepe and back to the cathedral. Walking the labyrinthe, felt all kinds of wonderful information pour in. The inward walk really shuts down linear thinking so people can open to the Light. Also, the actual precise twists and turns strongly open the brain and nervous system to experiencing consciouness. The inward walk is such a metaphor for life on Earth. . .perhaps we come here with clarity, but the veil drops and we get lost in the twists and turns of life. We meet people coming in the opposite direction who may push us off the path and children run helter skelter reminding us to take nothing seriously. The path in yields confusion and maybe we feel like giving up, but when we get to the center, the Self, everything lights up. That central point in the labyrinthe is a major vortex that shoots Light through you from above to below, and a cross directly through the heart, front to back and side to side and then many other directions through the heart. It felt like a local equivalent of the birthing cave that tranforms not just the mind but the body into Light. Christ could never have suffered because to Him, all was Light; even the cross was Light. Major infusion/transformation in that spot. Then the journey outward. . .completely different than the inward journey. There was no confusion, just joy, as the Light in my heart guided me without a second thought. We merge with Being and then Being guides us effortlessly through life. The light in our hearts guides us without so much as a thought and we bring that Light/joy consciounsess back into the world to share. What a power spot!
Interestingly, Marjolaine and I ended up in the center at the exact same time and as soon as we stood together there, everyone else left that inner circles. When it was time to leave, organ music started like a song of celebration. We went back a second time after wandering around the very charming town and the same thing happened!
There are intricate carvings all around the front of the church that Marjolaine says contain the entire true story of Jesus and Mary Magdelene. Chartres is central to her life and she has read everything about it. The church is under renovation, so we could not see the carvings.
And, last but not least, another sunny day!     

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