Friday, October 11, 2019

Two more most lovely days. Yesterday, I started with St.Paul’s Church, next to Westminster Abbey, the most famous in London. Much simpler and quieter than Westminster, in part because it has been rebuilt relatively recently. At both Westminster and St.Paul’s, a quiet thought came drifting through, just as I entered, and it was something like this: During my remaining years, I would have the opportunity to love many many people. How sweet is that!! I couldn’t ask for better.
Then I went to Covent Garden, a sort of  shopping area with character. In the main building, while drinking coffee, this fabulous opera singer serenaded us with one Italian aria after another. So beautiful, I was almost in tears.
Then off to the National Portrait Gallery. I so love English history, and here I found a most wonderfully illustrated version of it. Paintings of all my favorite characters and many more. Last act of the day, I met old friend Maria Hartrich and we went to a brilliant concert (Baroque classics) at St. Martin in the Fields—a church that has become a famous venue for music. I am so grateful for the tremendous liveliness of the arts here. And for the people in general. Consistently upbeat and funny and generous of spirit.
Today, off to Richmond, a suburb on the west end of London. There I met one of my dearest friends, Vesey Crichton, for a 40 year catch up. I was so so happy to see him, and as with all such friendships,  it was as if no time had passed. We chatted away and walked along the Thames, and it was so richly green and peaceful everywhere. I just kept stopping, to soak it all in (clouds, not rain!). Turner painted there. Even in

the greyness, the landscape was so soft and rich and enriching. I so love this land!

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