Monday, October 21, 2019

Last day in the UK. On Saturday, a most wonderful, peaceful and swift train journey down from Scotland to London. For this journey, so much better than flying. Trains are so soothing. Hardly closed my eyes as I drank in the landscape, first part with pouring rain, then clearer as we got deeper into England. I am profoundly impressed at how much open land they have preserved here on this small island with a huge  population. . .woods and fields and farmland and pastures with sheep grazing. So nourishing, so green.
The last time I was in Scotland (1970!) I had a strong feeling to leave ASAP and get to England. On that journey, I went directly to the gorgeous Lake District. Once I visited Holyrood Palace on this trip, I noticed the same feeling return, despite the beauty all around me.
After the train journey, I was able to meet with the wonderful Frances Knight. Funny thing, catching up, when the dominant feeling is that no time at all had passed since we last met—which was in Vlodrop, 30 years ago. Renewing these old connections has been an important and deeply sweet part of my journey, one of the primary factors that inspired it.
Yesterday’s plans diverted by non-user-friendly weather once more. But I did have a nice journey through the National Gallery and saw their special Gauguin exhibit. Meditated in St.Martin’s in the Field church, world-famous for its music. Towards the end, a celestial vocal group came in to rehearse. Such exquisite voices. I blissed out!
Today, back to Kew Gardens, despite the weather. Home on Tuesday.  

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