Thursday, October 10, 2019

Tuesday was a most wonderful day! First to Kew Gardens, definitely a piece of heaven, especially for  a tree lover like me. This was not so much a place of flowers—too late in the season—but of many shades and layers of green, and trees from many ecosystems, from young to old. Long grassy passageways lined with huge, chestnuts, and even a small redwood glade. Beautiful bodies of water scattered in just the right places, reflecting an ever-changing flow of clouds. Extra bonus: David Chihuly glass sculptures scattered about, a life form of their own.
In the evening a classical music celebration at the Royal Albert Hall, replete with fireworks at the end. Several remarkable soloists, including a 23-yr-old pianist whose hands flowed like a river, playing Chopin. And a contemporary composer I will follow up on, Gareth Malone. Music simple and full of love. Best part, met some old friends there from my earlier incarnation as a TM teacher in England. I so loved seeing them.
Yesterday, in a quest for certain streets associated with my literary wanderings—I found the streets—but the traffic noise was pretty intense. Found my way to Green Park and to Buckingham Palace (I didn’t go inside) which I had ignored in previous visits. Always a boost to hang out in another park at the end of the day.

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