Friday, October 18, 2019

I had to change airbnb locations on Thursday, and found myself looking right at Holyrood Park. What a fantastically beautiful and imposing place. It’s the site of an ancient volcano, and the crags and peaks and slopes, carry  a power that is hard to name, but cannot be missed. I hope to climb to the high point, called Arthur’s seat, today, but woke up to cold, heavy rain. Oh well. I did get to roam around the park a bit yesterday—it felt like such a wild place, so far from city life. Lovely to walk on green earth, however drenched! Then I visited Holyrood Palace, now the residence of the queen when she visits Scotland. But once upon a time it was home to Mary Queen of Scots, a forever object of fascination for me. Hard to imagine a more complex and tragic life—used by so many and loved by so few.
Today, a respite from touristing. Just way too cold and wet. The public transport is good, but everything still requires lots of walking. That’s something I will miss when home. Walking and walking for almost everything.
Tomorrow back to London. This time via train. I look forward to moving thru the British landscape. It’s warmer and dryer down south as well. Hoping to see Frances Knight on Saturday, for those of you who know her.
Some photos of Holyrood Park and Palace.

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  1. I look forward to hearing the stories you haven't posted. Don