Monday, October 7, 2019

Promised myself I would write every other day at least, so here I am. Today, finally made it to Westminster Abbey. Absolutely exquisite and I would have taken a zillion photos if allowed. It’s a strange mix of energy, powerfully spiritual but also containing 330 graves. I meditated for quite awhile close to the place where all the kings and queens get anointed, married, etc. It really holds the consciousness of all of Britain and all her history and global role. Just being one with all of it in Light. Then off to Churchill’s War Rooms, the underground bunker from which he and all his staff conducted the war. You know how much I loved that. They lived quite minimally down there and of course with the simplest technologies. No radar, just lots of maps. First really cold, rainy day. I loved it!
Yesterday, 2 museums, at least a little. I’m not so much into them on this trip. Then bliss time in Green Park. Monuments, especially WWI and WWII everywhere. And other wars. Their history carries so much influence. It permeates everything. I keep finding wonderful people to chat with. A young woman staying in this Airbnb is French-Peruvian, has studied with Peruvian teachers and in India. How cool is that!  Some photos of Churchill’s underground world.

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