Monday, September 23, 2013


Arrived Friday morning on just 40 minutes of sleep, but got a boost from somewhere and walked and walked until almost 10 at night. Walked along the river and explored our neighborhood (down the street from the Sorbonne and other colleges/universities, so full of the liveliness of students). So perfect to be here, to see the Seine. It feels totally familiar now, like I have been here forever. We even went up to Montmartre to see Sacre Coeur. My perfect place to greet Paris and France. Then wandered around the art/tourist area behind the church. But how I love Sacre Coeur. It is a center of life for me, even when swarming with tourists.  Yesterday we visited the ever serene Parc Monceau, so lush and soft with autumn, as opposed to the brilliance of spring I witnessed last time. Then wandered for hours through Bois de Bologne, thick with trees and undergrowth and a few autumn gardens. It has been warm (even hot) and sunny, so the Parisians are out in droves, even sun bathing along the Seine.
My sister Lois and my brother-in-law Pat were in Paris today, a fabulous crossing of paths. We explored the Marais, visited Notre Dames (gotta do at least one church a day) and then walked forever along the Seine  to the boat ride, which was wonder-full as always. What a beautiful, magical city. Beauty hidden in so many nooks  and corners and in grandiose style as well. A proud people. Everyone is exceeding friendly. Don't know where they got the reputation for grumpy.  
I'm trying to figure how to attach pictures using the ipad. . .otherwise, photo may have to go on Facebook.
Love to all of you.  

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