Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today, my dear and gifted friend Kathryn Alders arrived from Fairfield and will be with me here and in the south/Languedoc region until Oct. 15. We are so much on the same frequency and continuously had the same inner experiences. We went to Notre Dame and sat with my favorite image of Mary, the same one I connected deeply with last year. Mary was so present, the statue so alive with her presence. Kathryn and I both experienced such a deep and ancient intimacy with her and we got a highly similar sense of why we are in France. I feel like we are a team. It is all very beautiful and everything needs to happen in great joy.
In the morning I went to the D'Orsay, the Impressionist museum. How I love getting up close and personal with the paintings so I can see/feel every brush stroke. Van Gogh and Monet both got that the world of form was all really energy and Light. The forms in their paintings are just barely holding themselves together. They are so on the edge of formlessness/energy/Light.
Boy oh boy, do I wanna paint!

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