Thursday, May 3, 2012

It looked gloomy in the AM, so I decided to stayin Paris and I am so glad I did. . .the sun came out for my last day here. Went to a Monet museum on the west side of Paris (Marmottan). In addition to the privilege of hanging out with Monet's work and a special exhibit of Berthe Morrisot, I discovered yet one more glorious, park-filled neighborhood. And a perfect day for soaking up the green world before me, lush with flowers and my special friends the giant chestnut trees. Checked out the Arch de Triomphe (very briefly) and strolled down Ave. Hoche, another of those delighful, posh residential streets with dignified buildings, huge windows and trees and gardens. Revisited the glorious Parc Monceau, then a brief run downtown. Home for a bowl of soup and off to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur. I finall explored the area behind the church famous for street painters (they were out in full with the spring evening). The village of Montmartre is particularly lovely with spectacular views, steeply winding cobblestoned streets and old apartment buildings with their attention to sculpural detail, grillwork and window gardens. It's a magial area. . .and jam packed with tourists and French people on this glorious soft evening. Then to the church itself to offer thanks for this journey and outside to the spectaular view of Paris. Good night moon. Goonight Paris.
A very long travel day tomorrow. . .   

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