Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well, it is dangerous to skip a day, because I forget what happened. But, here, I'll try. First we went to the Pantheon. The building i self is designed totally with sacred geometry, so the feeling is just wonderfully expansive and full of Light. Kathryn, who learned how to design and draw yantras, saw copies of the architectural drawings on display, and said that the architect (Soufflot) began his drawings in the same way one starts a yantra. It is the tomb of many great thinkers (Rousseau,Voltaire) and military heroes. It also held the remains of a great hero of the French Resistance, Jean Moulin, and of course, for me this was the most important part of the visit. I found myself crying quite a bit and there was a deep healing. It was pretty intense in France in WWII, everywhere, of course.
Then we had our usual epic  search for a place we wanted to eat, and explored the fascinating history of Paris (starting with the original Celtic settlers, the Parisi) in the crypt underneath Notre Dame. Kathryn and I then visited the Luxembourg Gardens, and got particularly hung up in the sculptures of the French queens. Feminine spiritual leadership seems to be an ongoing theme of the trip. In fact the whole journey is more about what's going on beneath the surface, than the external glories of Paris, which are many.
Finally, if you know me well, you may not believe the next part. A friend of Coral's invited all three of us out for a more typical French Saturday night. We started at the Deux Magot. Now very chic and expensive, it was once the more humble hangout of Hemingway & company. He ordered some very good champagne, and yes, I had 2 glasses. It was great. Then, laughing quite a lot we went to a cave-like place near Les Halles for some live music, being produced/mixed by a friend of his. It was a great band. They played, yes, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder. We had more wine (really), some food and danced and danced. Most of the people there were about 24-25, which made it even more fun. A great evening and I slept really well when I got home.
Today, we spent a lot of time in the Luxembourg Gardens again, hanging out with the queens of
France. A spiritually fascinating day with detail to be shared at some future time, lest you think I have gone mad.  

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