Wednesday, October 25, 2023

I forgot to share Saturday. I went to the Rock of Cashel, a beautiful castle (or its remains) that sits high above the surrounding countryside and can be seen for miles all around. It radiates power and authority, as I’m sure it was meant to do. Something about the architecture caught my heart. In fact, it felt strangely familiar. It was once the home of the Kings of Munster who fed directly into Ireland’s lineage of Great Kings. I am inexplicably intrigued by Bryan Boru, one of the most renowned, and have been since I first heard of him. Like many of the Great Kings, he was crowned at Tara.

We then went to Blarney Castle. Of course, I loved the landscape best of all. More woods and streams and gardens. They are brilliantly done and maintained. I had the the thought that if I was an Irish lord with a great estate, I’d be happy to duplicate the land and gardens of Blarney Castle!

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