Friday, October 13, 2023

 Two days in various parts of central London—the first to meet wonderful artist and dear friend Frances Knight at the Tate Modern. Then we wandered through Belgravia and Mayfair, very upscale neighborhoods, to reach our destination, a lovely gallery with paintings by Christopher Baker, whose work was definitely worth seeing. Today, because I thought it would rain a lot more than it did, I wandered downtown again to go to the National Gallery. I love getting up close to the paintings and sinking into the brushwork. I got especially into Constable. So many layers of color and care to yield that lushness. Worth the visit for sure, but the area is intense! I was sooo happy to get back to my lovely, quiet neighborhood by the Thames. Tho I’ve shared photos, I don’t know that they can ever fully convey how deeply happy and at home I feel walking along the Thames. I will deeply miss being here. Tomorrow—Chartwell, Winston Churchill’s home. He is a great hero of mine and I am long overdue for this visit.   

One possibly useful piece of information should you find yourself in London some day: The food at the museums and other public venues is wonderful! Healthy and delicious. I am not tempted to eat anywhere else.. ..

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