Thursday, October 31, 2013

My last day near Anduze was a perfect autumn day. Sunny and cool and as crisp as it gets in that region. I just wanted to walk and walk among the trees, so I went to a place famous to the area (called the Bambooserie) --a bamboo forest. Stunning! Many different facets, but my favorites were a thick grove or forest of bamboo and a large zen garden. The landscaping was so soft, based around a meandering stream and an undulating pond. Japanese maples in their fall redness, a bridge, the deep peace and gentleness of the land. What a great farewell gift from the land--and the landscape designers. I had never been around so much bamboo. There are many varieties--my favorites were those with golden trunks. The trees are very tall, and grow thick and close together. Many trees from one, like the aspens.
Today, our trip to Paris. Relatively smooth considering the ridiculous size of our suitcases. I do love trains. So soothing. But it felt strange to leave. We said farewell to our guardian peaks as they had taken such good care of us.
Now, in Paris, I am so happy just to be here. I somehow feel more like myself here than anywhere else I have ever been, tho I would be hard put to expand verbally on that. My apartment is my dream of a garret, on the 7th floor, looking out over the rooftops of Paris and Notre Dame. On a clear day, one can see all the way to Sacre Coeur. Much rain in the forecast, but I know I will still walk and walk and walk! And then there is the famous bakery only next door. Long lines of people out the door of this boulangerie. I know I will give them my share of business!  

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