Sunday, October 13, 2013

Each day is so rich. I know I am leaving out much, but I hope you at least catch a flavor of the miraculous flow of gifts that each day brings. Friday, cold and cloudy again, but off we went to the Cathar castle of Montsegur.  Incredible climb to the top with spectacular panoramic views from the castle itself. It seems almost impossible that people built this place that felt like an eagle's domain, much less lived and worked there. The whole history of the destruction of the Cathars by the Catholic church is too terrible to tell. You can explore it yourself if you are interested.
Then we went into the town below for lunch at a most charming place, with Medieval tapestries and a garden full of delicate but brilliant flowers.  The Pyrenees were the fantastic background and they are already dusted with snow.
Then our wonderful host Steven took us to a grotto, known only to a relatively few people. All the journeys look short on the map, but the roads wind and wind through the most beautiful country. Rolling, winding, endlessly green. The grotto had a beautiful statue of Mary Magdalene in it, that conveyed as much about her sweetness and humanity as her sacredness. People had left candles and flowers. A special place.
Then rolling and circling to the tiny town of Bernac, where we met friends of Barbara & Steven. What generous, gracious and totally lovely people! They cooked us up a fabulous feast and we all talked and laughed for hours (half in French, half in English). We all felt like we had known each other for years if not lifetimes and exchanged addresses, emails, etc. One of the special blessings of this trip is that I am actually meeting people and making friends. Every French person I have met is so kind and generous, and at least in the Aude, spiritually committed on one path or another.  
On Saturday, Kathryn & Coral went to climb Mt. Bucherac,  a powerful place, but I was drawn to the town and Cathar castle in Puivert. More on that tomorrow night. Gotta get up early and take Kathryn to the train station. She heads home tomorrow.

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  1. I love the feeling of the countryside where you are. I am so happy you are meeting (reconnecting?!) with friends who are generously loving and gracious. When I read your last two entries, I can feel the texture of moisture, the thickness of the rain, the smell of the green, and the mystery of the meandering paths and roads. The magic and richness of gifts come through strongly. I look forward to meeting up with Kathryn when she returns. I also look forward to your next entries! Today I hiked on the goat farm with my friend, Susie. She and her husband own the farm. The goats are friendly and more like pets. Many babies right now and two retired cows from Francis Thicke's dairy. Susie and I are planning to camp out on the farm sometime in the next few weeks. Love, e