Sunday, November 3, 2013

Walking walking walking! And in the company of thousands of Parisians and tourists. Everyone out walking and chattering and enjoying the day, no matter the weather. I don't always get where I think I am going, due to a sense of direction which is dependably 180 degrees off, but I get somewhere wonderful and enjoy every step along the way. Today was gorgeous, a break from the rain and a nearly perfect autumn day. Walked along the river in the morning, then up to Montmartre in the afternoon. I completed the walking tour of Montmartre described in my guidebook ( a good one!) and wandered into what felt to me like the most beautiful streets in all of Paris, maybe in the whole world. I took a zillion photos, hoping to capture all that beauty and perfection. Steep, narrow, winding (always)  cobblestone streets. Trees, a vineyard, ivy-covered walls, gardens still full of flowers (after the long, warm autumn), artists' studios, walled-in pieces of heaven, French doors and balconies with flower pots, views over the whole city and magical light. No wonder the artists congregated in Montmartre. It was like stepping out of a dream and finding it had become reality. And what a great life those artists had, painting all day and eating, drinking and laughing with friends deep into the night. Sounds might good to me! The walk ended on Rue d'Abbesses, with, I think, a record-breaking number of cafes. Definitely a place to re-explore.
Tomorrow. . .museums. . .cos it will be raining raining raining.

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