Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Well, today I took off on my own. My travel buddies took off to Versailles, and, as with last year, I had no urge to go. I needed to get back into my own personal rhythm, off the tourist rhythm and just enjoy Paris--which I did. I just wandered, which I love to do, discovering new streets, new enchanting configurations of architecture and trees and cobblestone and shops and endlessly curving small streets. Sent time in the Jardin Luxembourg again (it is very close to where I am staying)  and did a very Parisian thing; I just sat and enjoyed the beauty. I was filled with a deep sense of the perfection of things. Such a wonderful feeling. Also observing the perfect ways that human art balanced with Mother Earth's art in the parks to create so much beauty, peace and sensory richness.
The sky was so soft tonite. Walked along the river and took a zillion photos, because the sky and clouds and water and bridges and buildings all came together in such exquisite ways. Still haven't figured out how to share the photos. I'll have to share them all at once when I get home and on my computer.    

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  1. Your days (daze??) in Paris make me salivate with desire to hop a plane and be there! I read most of your posts all at once.This is my first time to your blog spot: I thought I was going to move into a little house, but did not. My dear attorney friend walked me through the numbers and some other practical considerations which made it very clear not to move there. Whew! Nonetheless, my apt is turned upside down, half packed and not, I have been restoring order, eliminating excess, and feeling very much as if I DID move. A virtual move, which also feels as if it accomplished very efficiently the gist of what would have been accomplished had I gone through with the original plan. Amen. So, darlin', thanks for shining joy on my soul by being so disciplined in writing about your adventures. Delightfully fresh, buoyant energy coming through which is nourishing and uplifting. I very much enjoyed the deep peace emanating from this last part about feeling the perfection of life in the balance of human and nature's art. Love to you and Kathryn. -e