Thursday, October 24, 2013

The last two days were quiet ones. On Wednesday, we drove through the most beautiful country--mountains and rushing rivers and endless green as we headed back to see Andre and Nouriya and Laurent. Such wonderful people and an opportunity to discover how bad my French is, alas. Gave them sessions and made friends forever, with yet one more invitation to come and stay. They really do live in some version of heaven, eating mostly what they grow, gather in  the woods or hunt. Andre is a fabulous cook and works miracles with these simple ingredients. It's chestnut season and we have received many plus chestnut soup. They are delicious! The sun even came out for a few hours. Oh la la!  
Have bee feeling extremely humidity logged. . .sleepy.
Today, the sweet market in Anduze with all the food fresh out of the earth (or out of the cow or goat!)
Tomorrow our journey south. Looking forward to it!

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  1. Sounds like you are in food and nature heaven. I wonder if you will ever come back to the USA. And, true to your nature, you are establishing lasting friendships and connections. Such is the result of having such a big, unconditionally loving heart!

    Kathryn and I have been together for a long walk and then talking afterwards about her stay in France and what is happening here with me. We have lots to share! I love getting all the information in between the lines so to speak. We will go swimming this Saturday and continue our dialogue. Meanwhile it has turned surprisingly cold, with temps in the high 20s tonight (!!). I'll bet your days and nights are much more clement and delicious with sun.

    Much love, Elaine