Sunday, November 10, 2013

I can't resist a little P.S. I decided to take the train (RER B) to the airport, instead of the taxi-Air France bus combo, despite the impressive size of my luggage (confession). (A big difference in cost!) It meant a long uphill walk to the train and negotiating flights of stairs, hauling the suitcases on and off the train (which is NOT level with the platform), etc. I just counted and 7 different people came to my assistance, unasked, at different points of the journey. I love the French. They are so aware and so kind and social. Had a lovely conversation with one of my rescuers, a really nice young man from Provence, all the way to the airport station.  
Just ate more food at the buffet next door than I have eaten all month. I had a longing for potatoes and there they were. One more French breakfast tomorrow and then I am truly done.

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  1. You are almost home! I tried to email you about the passport/wallet adventure,but your email server is not accepting my email server. I guess they had a falling out. Boo hoo. I am very relieved that you recovered your wallet and got out of such a misadventure relatively unscathed and with new friends. So many blessings continue to appear for you, surround you and renew my faith in the universe. I just got back from seeing the movie, Ender's Game, with Allen. A birthday present. Lots of outer space stuff with a skinny dorky kid as the protagonist. He finds love for his enemies at the end of the film. Nice to see such a message going out nation and worldwide. Love you very much and looking forward to your return. -e