Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wow! It's already Thursday. I guess I have fallen down on the blog job for a few days. Due to the weather (lots of rain), the last few days have been filled with museums. Tried a few new ones,  historically oriented, and I cannot, alas, recommend them (except for the Pantheon, which is a wonderful structure, built according to the laws of sacred geometry.) Quite a bit of info (more than I wanted) on the horrors of the French Revolution, for one thing. But they did lead me to new neighborhoods, which I thoroughly enjoyed exploring. And the art museums, well, I could go on visiting them forever. Just finished my 2nd very long visit to the D'Orsay, where I discovered all kinds of new rooms. One special reward was a whole room full of Odillon Redon, a painter who surely had celestial dreams. I idolized him in high school, and suddenly a whole room of his glowing, visionary, infinitely gentle and brilliantly colored work. Also several rooms designed with art nouveau walls, carvings, furniture, blown glass, etc. All so light and flowing and graceful. If I ever had a house and freedom to decorate it, it would be art nouveau for me!    
Have been doing huge amounts of walking, having discovered that most of the places I love are not all that far away. Have gotten caught in pouring rain a couple of times, but today, patches of glorious sunshine. Paris has such exquisite parks and I am deeply enjoying the onset of autumn. The tree trunks are dark with rain, the leaves golden. Soft, warm winds. Some hardy flowers hanging in here and there. Trees, I think, are my favorite creatures on the planet and I feel so deeply nourished by the huge and ancient deciduous trees everywhere. I am filled with such a deep sense of beauty and perfection here, over and over again.  

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