Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paris, Day 2. It rains and suns. We are getting good at moving through the underground universe of Paris trains just when it is raining hardest and emerging to catch the bits of sunshine. Today, the Seine. Walking along it and a sweet boat ride. It's a beautiful river, full and deep and nourishing. The French have built so many grand monuments, buildings and statues. Glorious architecture everywhere. The detailed beauty of Notre Dame is astounding. How could they carve and create stained glass with such perfection and intricacy at such great heights so long ago?
It all feels as if I had been here forever. I feel perfectly at home in this city and I am not an urban person. I loved the il de cite, village like with trees and flower markets and many small buildings with grillwork and window boxes bright with spring flowers. Everyone seems to be in a state of perpetual celebration, rain or shine. 

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