Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Despite the chilly weather and grey skies (and occasionally heavy rain) Giverny was perfection. My version of heaven on Earth. Endless arrays of multi-colored flowers, that must change with the weeks. We had a torrent of tulips in yellow, pink, white, purple, peach and on and on. All the groupings of flowers, whether shades of one color or bundles of many colors, were superb and bliss-producing. The gardeners are all remarkable artists. Such effulgence!
The movement of light on the lily ponds was so delicate and soft, reflections of clouds and peeks of blue skies or the array of blossoms and greenery that line the pond. Monet had this to say about himself: "Except for painting and gardening, I am useless." I love that.
Back in Paris (which I think is becoming a kind of addiction) in the evening, we walked along the canal that runs through Paris and which is quite close to where we stay. Tree-lined quays, bridges with wonderful iron grill work criss-crossing the water wherever the locks are, more soft reflections of the changing light on the water. More unique and charming neighborhoods and everywhere Parisians out enjoying their city.
Marjolaine leaves for the south tomorrow to see and old friend in Nimes and a master felter in Lyons.  I will miss her but I also get that it is good to have my own Parisian adventure. Tomorrow's plan depends on the weather!  

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