Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paris, Day 1

The journey to Paris passed like a dream (non-sleep type). When Marjolaine and I got to our apartment, we found it locked. . .the landlord/caretaker had forgotten we were coming. After sitting in the hallway for awhile, we were rescued by a wonderful neighbor who let us just hang out in her apartment while she went out. Slept for awhile and studied our maps, and then we entered our apartment, which could not be more perfect, cozy and French. Golden walls, beautiful paintings, big French windows with lace curtains and wood floors. A little kitchen with a French coffee maker. Despite the long delay, we walked to Montmartre through the rain and the freshness that it brings and went to Sacre Coeur, which truly is the heart of Paris. It was the perfect place to start this journey. It was full of angels and the views over the city, as the clouds moved out and the sun set made it clear why this is the City of Light even on a rainy day. Got lost on the way there and on the way home and it was all wonderful. So many people out day and night, so alive.
Time to collapse into the French time zone.   

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