Friday, September 27, 2013

Today was Chartres day and it was full of gifts as always. Just the town itself is so peaceful and charming. The gifts of the cathedral today were much to do with experiencing the process of manifestation, from Source to Light to form and back again. It is a bit difficult to describe but the knowledge and the grounds for experiencing it are all there in the windows, the labyrinth, the sacred geometry of the building itself, the sculptures. . .It's as if the builders and artists inserted the most profound cosmic knowledge in as many forms and layers as they could.
At the labyrinth center, I was moved to experience the messages of the 4 directions this time. East was all Source and Light. When I turned to the west, I experienced the "condensation" into density of coming into physical form. It was very clear, yet a feeling and a vision. Other windows were about assisting the new Light and energy that is trying to show up here in our physical world and assist transformation. Coral,Kathryn and I all hung out with that process for awhile. I felt like I was nothing but a portal.
Then, to balance things out of course, we ate and went shopping.  
Sending love. . .

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