Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am running out of tourist steam and feel quite complete about this visit. Tho, somewhere inside I feel like I have been missing Paris all my life and will miss her when I leave. It's been so great to have an apartment. I have a real sense of living here and belonging to a neighborhood. Wandered loosely today, first to an outdoor market area near the University of Paris. Mostly fabulous food: those yummy fresh (unpasteurized) cheeses, fresh breads (new addiction-baguettes, warm and straight from the oven), and lots of lovely fruits and vegetables. Also lots of supposedly inexpensive (but nor really) clothing stores, and a wonderful mix of students and shopkeepers, both farmers and sophisticated gourmet types. Paris has so many alive neighbooods like this. Then I walked and got lost as usual and took the first metro I could find up to an extreme opposite neighborhood. . .upscale shopping. There I visited Galleries Lafayette, which has to be the world's most gigantic department store featuring everything from Prada types to more middle class offerings. . .and lots of good food. Ate lunch at their cafeteria on the 5th floor looking out the window at the ornate upper levels of the Paris Opera. Then down to the river and Notre Dame to say goodbye and a lovely long walk along the quay. Home early. Giverny tomorrow probably. Back to the U.S. on Friday.          

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